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  • Plants clean the air. 

    Many items found in office buildings like paint, plastics, insulation, plywood, carpets and detergents can omit up to 300 harmful pollutants (i.e. formaldehyde and benzene). 

    • Plants can help! NASA funded research proved that interior plants remove many of these pollutants from the air! This makes for a cleaner and healthier working environment

  • Plants keeps humidity within a healthy range.  

    People are more susceptible to colds and flu when the air is dry; this often leads to increased sick days.  

    • Plants can help! According to research from Washington State University, plants naturally add moisture to dry, over-heated air and keep the humidity level within the recommended healthy range.  This ensures a healthy office setting for your employees.

  • Plants promote workplace productivity. 

    The physical environment of an office directly affects an employee's ability and desire to work. 

    • Plants can help! "The Role of Horticulture in Human Well-Being and Social Development" states that having plants in the workplace boosts morale and enhances employee contentment and productivity. Therefore, plants not only keep employees healthy, they make them happy too! 

(Courtesy of Topsiders)

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